ADL03 UHF CB Repeater Adelaide

About ADL03 UHF CB Repeater.

ADL03 is the call-sign for channel 3/33 UHF CB repeater station, located in Glenelg North, Adelaide South Australia.

This Repeater is Narrow Band. An overview of equipment used is below.

The Repeater (Ch3)

The Group was generously donated a Motorola Quantar repeater for use for the CBRS by Adelaide Monitoring Services.

The QUANTAR™ Repeater operates on the UHF band. This high-power base station/repeater has been a workhorse for years. 

The QUANTAR station has been designed to maximize availability with a continuous duty cycle operation, self-testing and diagnostic testing through an automatic control system.

ADL03 Coverage

Coverage map [img]

The morse ID & message unit

Uses a programmable timer module and a PA voice over module with digital recorded message plus a control module.

The timer module is controlled by the interface module. Whenever the receiver is activated, an adjustable count down timer is started. This, when finished, activates the voice over module which in turn keys up the control module and the repeater, transmitting the recorded 14 second Morse ID and message on channel 3. This whole process is locked out and will not start while there is activity on the receiver.

When the message is being transmitted you are locked out of the receiver for 14 seconds. The timer starts and restarts at the end of each receiver activation. Only when the timer has elapsed with no activity will the message be transmitted.

The repeater has a 60 seconds Time Out Timer (TOT) with a 30 second penalty timer after time out.

The Antenna

ADL03 Repeater uses a two stacked folded dipole binary array antenna from ZCG Scalar

This is fed in to the Band Pass/ Band Reject Duplexer with six (6) cavity filters coupled together in a band-pass/band-reject configuration.

This duplexer is ideal for repeater base station applications where the stringent performance characteristics of close TxRx separations are required – such as CB Radio repeaters

The binary dipole array offers both an omnidirectional radiation pattern and genuine broadband coverage across the entire UHF frequency range. The antenna is best mounted protruding from the highest point of the structure or tower to allow for a fully omni-directional pattern.

ADL03 UHF CB Repeater Adelaide