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Motorola DM4400e & DM4600e Handheld Control & Display Microphone

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Brand: Motorola

Motorola Handheld Control Head for MOTOTRBO Mobile Radios.

This Handheld Control Head (HHCH) for the Motorola DM4000 Series radios allows for total installation flexibility, in-vehicle mobility, and total control of your mobile radio.

This HHCH allows the main body of radio to be installed wherever it is most convenient such as behind the seat, under the dash, or in the trunk/boot of the vehicle or under the desk in control room installations. The handheld control head can then be mounted where it is needed, close to the user.

With a full keypad, colour screen, and channel and volume controls, the control head offers the full feature-set of a portable radio. Contacts lists, text messages, radio settings, work order tickets and notifications are all accessible from wherever you are in the vehicle.

Compatible with the Motorola DM4600, DM4601, DM4600e & DM4601e

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