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Motorola Evolve Handheld TLE

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Brand: Motorola

Motorola Evolve Handheld LTE Device

Thanks to rapidly expanding choice of data networks, you now have more ways to connect with your business than ever before. But the communications landscape evolves quickly, and your needs are always changing. Keeping your fleet of user devices and in-field teams up to date and ready for the future is a challenge.

Built for business and mission critical environments, the Motorola Evolve is a ruggedized Android phone combining an intuitive user experience and open platform architecture with the reliability expected of a critical communications device.

The dual SIM Motorola Evolve LTE phone enables seamless communications across different locations and networks. With Evolve, your teams will use the cutting edge technology of today and be ready for the innovations of tomorrow.


Evolve was built tough, to operate reliably in any conditions that you do business. Completely dustproof and submersible in up to 2 metres of water for up to 2 hours and with a rugged 5″ display with Gorilla Glass 3 screen, it is built to withstand repeated drops onto concrete and meets IP68 and MIL-810 standards. Evolve was built to perform on the job, with glove-operable, liquid-resistant touchscreen, physical programmable buttons and standard Android menu and navigation buttons.


Evolve is equipped with high-capacity swappable batteries to ensure your device can stay in the field for as long as your team needs. Built for multi-shift use, Evolve has been designed to enable a long run time and can be handed over from shift-to-shift without charging.


A truly business and mission-critical device, Evolve allows your team to hear and be heard in any environment you do business. The unmatched audio quality including three microphones for superior noise suppression and echo cancellation and loud 2 Watt front facing speaker carries through to a range of accessories, such as wireless full duplex remote speaker microphones that provide even quicker access to push-to-talk, or compact earpieces that let your team be discreet as they communicate.


The Motorola Evolve includes a 3 year warranty as standard and optional this warranty can be upgraded to cover accidental damage.


The Evolve features a large Push-to-talk (PTT) button located on the side of the device which allows for instant voice communications with your team when using compatible PTToC services such as Motorola’s WAVE PTX which comes preinstalled on the device.


Evolve is Intrinsically Safe when used with Battery Part Number BT000594A01*. HAZ LOC is certified by UL to standard UL 913 5th Edition. Classification Rating Class I, Division 1, Groups C, D; Class II Group E, F, G; Class III and Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D. T3C. *Intrinsically Safe certification is only applicable to model number HK2171A.

Evolve Smart Handheld ANZ with Standard Battery - includes Holster (PMLN6970), Belt Clip (PMLN7965), Battery door (HKLN5001) and Battery (BT000592A01)
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