UHF CB Repeater Map

Are you a CB radio enthusiast in South Australia? Are you wondering where all the licensed repeaters are located? Look no further! Here’s a map that shows the locations of all the licensed CB repeaters in South Australia.

As you probably know, CB radio is a great way to stay connected with others while on the road, whether you’re a truck driver, a road trip adventurer, or just someone who enjoys chatting with others. But if you’re relying solely on your own CB radio, you may find that your range is limited. That’s where CB repeaters come in.

CB repeaters act as relay stations, picking up and retransmitting signals from CB radios that are out of range of each other. By using a repeater, you can significantly extend your range and communicate with people who are farther away.

So, where are all the CB repeaters in South Australia? Thankfully, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) keeps a database of all licensed CB repeaters in the country. Using this information, we’ve created a map that shows the locations of all the licensed repeaters in South Australia.

Whether you’re planning a road trip, a camping adventure, or just looking to connect with others on the road, this map will come in handy. So go ahead and bookmark it, and never be out of range again!

(Note: It’s important to remember that using CB radio requires a license in Australia. Make sure you’re operating within the rules and regulations set forth by the ACMA.)

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