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RFI UHF CB 4dBi Mopole Antenna (477 MHz); Whip Only

RFI CD34-71-00
RFI CDQ34-71-00 UHF CB Antenna Whip
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UPC: 9320110036753
Brand: RFI

The RFI CD34 antenna is an end-fed dipole (1/2 wave) with a tuned circuit incorporated in the base and a fully moulded radiating element.

The CD34 Series Mopole antenna is specifically designed to be used in a variety of mounting positions such as a vehicle mirror, gutter or roof rack. Mounting in such positions, the CD34 is the ideal substitute for an antenna which would normally need to be mounted in the centre of a metal roof to obtain maximum efficiency.

Please note that product includes the whip only and screws onto a UHF/MBC/SO239 connectors/base.

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