MIS04 UHF Repeater Adelaide

About MSI04 UHF CB Repeater.

The CH04 UHF repeater has been set up for the Adelaide Hills residence mainly for communications during the bushfire season.

MSI04 is the call-sign for channel 4 UHF CB repeater station, located in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

This Repeater operates on Narrow Band. An overview of equipment used is below.

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MSI04 Repeater Coverage

The repeater, located top of Mount Misery with a height of 536 meters ASL has excellent coverage from Barossa Valley to Nairne.
it also reaches most of the Adelaide area and in to some parts on the other side of the Murray River.

MSI04 coverage map

The Antenna

The MSI04 Repeater uses two folded dipole antennas.
One is used for receive, which is located at the top of the tower, with the transmit antenna spaced out lower below on the tower.

Help with Maintenance and Running costs – All donations go 100% to the CB Repeaters.