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Icom IDAS IC-F4400DS Full Keypad

Icom IDAS IC-F4400DS Full Keypad
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Brand: Icom

IC-F4400D Series

Look Smart, Work Smart

  • Small, Slim and Smart
  • High-Resolution Color LCD
  • Multiple Languages
  • License Key Upgrade
  • NXDN™ Trunking Upgrade
  • DES/AES Encryption with OTAR
  • OTAP and OAA
  • Built-in Bluetooth®
  • Digital Voice Recording
  • Motion/Stationary Detection Sensors
  • GPS Receiver
  • USB Port for PC Connection
  • Transparent Data/ Text Message
  • ANC (Active Noise Canceling)
  • Audio Equalizer
  • Voice Announcement
  • Vibration Alert
  • AquaQuake™ Draining Function
  • Multiple Controller Configurations
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