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P88L Mini Personal GPS Tracker

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Brand: Meitrack

The P88L is a 4G personal tracker that balances product size and standby time. It provides some new functions, such as Bluetooth anti-loss alert, voice transmission, pedometer, and alarm clock, etc.

It can be used to track the real-time location of elderly people, children, pets, lone workers, and assets.

  • Personal Tracking
  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Lone-worker
  • Outdoor: Cycling, marathon, hiking, nature walks.
  • Medical patients

The P88L has an IP67 rating which makes it water-resistant, thanks to its specialized design. This is one of the most used GPS tracking devices for people. It has been specifically made to allow almost everyone to use it without having technical knowledge.

Truly the P88L is small in size, but it is packed with features that can be found only in larger GPS trackers. It is multifunctional and supports APP configuration, S.O.S. buttons, man down alert, step counting, voice broadcasting, alarm clock, and fast magnetic charging. The versatility of the P88L has made it very popular, and it is still one of the top innovative GPS trackers in the market.

What is an S.O.S. button do?

It is a button that once pressed, will send out a notification either by text message or dial automatically to a pre-configured phone contact.

Man-down alert

refers to the ability of the GPS tracker to sense when a noticeable impact has been made. If a person is holding or carrying the device in their pocket, and if the person falls. The device will compute the impact and send out an alert if there is no movement afterward.

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