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RFI UHF Side Mounted Dipole 400-520MHz

RFI UHF Side Mounted Dipole 400-520MHz
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Brand: RFI

RFI UHF Side Mounted Dipole 400-520MHz

Key Features

  • Tuned to full bandwidth
  • Unity gain
  • All welded, full folded dipole construction
  • Easily mounted and installed with single clamps.


  • The SMD4-67 is of all welded aluminium construction
  • The feed point is protected by an ABS cap, with the internal PTFE based cable construction providing excellent intermodulation performance (-150dBc)
  • The stainless steel SMD41-67 is electrically identical to its aluminium counterpart and is recommended for corrosive environments, this antenna is available on request
  • All of the SMD4 series antennas are directly DC grounded for superior lightning protection and the reduction of precipitation static noise.

Specifications / Frequency

Weight [kg] 0.6
Brand RFI
Length [mm] 400
Frequency MHz 400 - 520
Horizontal Beamwidth Typically 220° at ¼ l antenna - mast spacing
Passive IM 3rd Order (2x20W) dBc <-140
Vertical Beamwidth Typically 70° at ¼ l antenna - mast spacing
Tuned Bandwidth Entire band
Construction Stainless steel
Mounting Area 100mm x 25mm diam. Stainless Steel
Termination 4.3-10 female with short RG142 cable tail
VSWR <1.5:1
Polarisation Vertical
Power [W] 500
Frequency Range [MHz] 400 - 520
Connector 4.3-10(F)
Antenna Type Side Mounted Dipoles
Antenna Application Base Station Antenna
Antenna Features PIM Rated
Frequency Band UHF 380-520 MHz
Antenna Configuration SISO
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