CH6 Repeater ADL06 has been upgraded

Channel 6 ADL06 previously using a GME repeater has recently seen an upgrade.

The GME was replaced because of poor sensitivity and poor adjacent channel rejection.
This was causing issues with some users experiencing access difficulties plus some noise interference.

The repeater and antenna system has been replaced.

We are now using the RFI CC450 8.5dBd Colinear Antenna to increase the coverage area.

The repeater Icom IC-FR6000 is equipped with plenty of power and functions for the CBRS. The 6.25 khz spacing significantly improves the audio quality and selectivity.

The old repeater six below;

The RP3800N is a narrow band (12.5KHz channel spacing) 25 Watt 450- 520 MHz 19″ rack mounted repeater system.

ADL06 Adelaide CH6 Repeater

The RP3800N incorporates many features not normally found in such a low cost unit. The modular construction of the RP3800N makes it easy to install either as a desktop unit or in a multiple repeater rack arrangement.

By utilising the inbuilt Telemetry Control, we can monitor and control the unit from a remote location. The following parameters can be accessed from the remote location:  Received signal strength from both transmitter and receiver radios, Internal temperature of both transmitter and receiver radios, transmit power of both radios, battery voltage being supplied to each radio and remote enable/disable of the repeater system.

The Receiver (Ch36)


The TX3600N narrow band radio with Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Advanced Signal Management (ASM) and DVC wide band compensator.

The Transmitter (Ch6).

GME TX 3800N

The UHF narrow band commercial radio in repeater mode with Morse ID and 60 seconds Time Out Timer (TOT).
The repeater is programmed for 5 watts of output power.

The Antenna

ADL06 uses a folded dipole antenna mounted on top of a multi-story building in the Adelaide CBD.

The antenna has an omni-directional pattern, giving good coverage around the Adelaide Metropolitan area.

UHF Folded Dipole

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