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CH03 Glenelg Repeater Interference 0

CH03 Glenelg Repeater Interference

Our lovely Motorola Quantar repeater has recently been plagued with interference, causing many issues for our local users. The dreaded “quantar howl’ and de-sensing of the receiving unit wreaking all sorts of havoc. Spectrum...

CH6 Repeater ADL06 has been upgraded 2

CH6 Repeater ADL06 has been upgraded

Channel 6 ADL06 previously using a GME RP3600 repeater has recently seen an upgrade. The GME was replaced because of poor sensitivity and poor adjacent channel rejection.This was causing issues with some users experiencing...

Repeater Feeds 5

Repeater Feeds

Audio feeds from ADL03 and ADL06 Listen to the CH6 UHF Repeater Live Feed here –> Please go to the main audio feed page here: