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Repeater offline ADL06 Adelaide 0

Repeater offline ADL06 Adelaide

CB Repeater Six is currently offline, and there are several reasons for this outage: In addition to these issues, we are also performing power system upgrades and reworking the antenna system. Please bear with...

ADL03 Glenelg update 22/01/2024 0

ADL03 Glenelg update 22/01/2024

Dear Community, We’re pleased to inform you that Repeater Three Glenelg has recently undergone essential maintenance over the past week, resulting in significant improvements to its performance. Our dedicated team has been hard at...

UHF CB Repeater Map 0

UHF CB Repeater Map

Are you a CB radio enthusiast in South Australia? Are you wondering where all the licensed repeaters are located? Look no further! Here’s a map that shows the locations of all the licensed CB...

Range of UHF CB antennas 0

Range of UHF CB antennas

Don’t miss out on our selection of UHF CB mobile antennas while you’re visiting us! We offer competitive pricing from Australian brands like RFI and ZCG. (!/UHF-CB-Radio/c/141023503 )

ADL03 Glenelg Repeater update 1

ADL03 Glenelg Repeater update

Greetings to all our valued users, We want to inform you that we are currently working on fixing the interference on our repeater on channel three Glenelg. We understand that the interference has caused...

CH03 Glenelg Repeater Interference 0

CH03 Glenelg Repeater Interference

Our lovely Motorola Quantar repeater has recently been plagued with interference, causing many issues for our local users. The dreaded “quantar howl’ and de-sensing of the receiving unit wreaking all sorts of havoc. Spectrum...

CH6 Repeater ADL06 has been upgraded 2

CH6 Repeater ADL06 has been upgraded

Channel 6 ADL06 previously using a GME RP3600 repeater has recently seen an upgrade. The GME was replaced because of poor sensitivity and poor adjacent channel rejection.This was causing issues with some users experiencing...

Repeater Feeds 5

Repeater Feeds

Audio feeds from ADL03 and ADL06 Listen to the CH6 UHF Repeater Live Feed here –> Please go to the main audio feed page here: